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About Wheel of Fortune

This page has all the information you need to know before entering Wheel of Fortune Lotto. Learn the rules of the game, find out the prizes it offers, and see your odds of winning.

Draws happen every night 10:30 PM ET.

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Tuesday, May 28 2024


Wheel of Fortune Overview

Wheel of Fortune Lotto is a popular Quick Pick-only game played in Ontario. The price of a ticket is $2.00 and it offers an instant game and a nightly draw.

After purchasing the ticket from the retailer, just watch the spinning wheel on the lottery terminal screen to find out if you win on the spot. In case the wheel spin lands on a prize value, that prize is won instantly.

For the main draw, six words are drawn from a possible 39 words. You need to match at least three words to win a prize. These 39 words change from time to time.

Wheel of Fortune & Daily Keno Comparison

Draw Days


Ticket Price

Jackpot Odds

Wheel of Fortune logo

Wheel of Fortune

Every day



1 in 3,262,623

Daily Keno logo

Daily Keno

Twice a day

Up to $2.5 million

Up to $10

1 in 2,147,181

Wheel of Fortune Prize Table

Each entry in Wheel of Fortune enters you into the nightly draw and the instant win draw, both of which offer multiple levels of prizes. You can see all the prize levels and odds of winning those prizes below:

Wheel of Fortune Prizes and Odds
Prize Level Prize Amount Odds of Winning
Match 6 $100,000 1 in 3,262,623
Match 5 $500 1 in 16,478
Match 4 $20 1 in 412
Match 3 $3 1 in 30
The overall Wheel of Fortune odds are approx. 1 in 28

The instant win prizes are claimed as soon as you buy your entry and are redeemed immediately. These are the prizes you can win:

Wheel of Fortune Instant Win Prizes and Odds
Prize Amount Odds of Winning
$10,000 1 in 296,602
$1,000 1 in 105,246
$250 1 in 34,343
$25 1 in 593
$10 1 in 148
$5 1 in 75
$3 1 in 15
$2 1 in 4
The overall instant win odds are approx. 1 in 3