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About Quebec Max

Here you can find all the information you need about Quebec Max. Before you enter one of the most popular lotteries in Quebec, familiarize yourself with its rules and drawing schedule. You can also explore the Quebec Max lotto prize tiers and your odds of actually winning those prizes.

Draws take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 10:30 PM local time.

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Quebec Max Overview

Quebec Max was launched on October 19, 2012 and is operated by Loto Quebec. Its format hasn’t changed since its launch.

The price of a Quebec Max ticket is $2.00 for three entries. To enter this lottery, participants must choose seven numbers from 1 to 50.

Besides the main draw, the tickets are also valid for 14 additional selections which take place at the same time. They have a fixed jackpot of $1 million for those who match all seven numbers and there are no secondary prizes.

Quebec Max & SprintO Comparison

Draw Days


Ticket Price

Jackpot Odds

Quebec Max logo

Quebec Max

Tuesday and Friday

$2 Million

$2 for 3 Entries

1 in 33,294,800

SprintO logo


Every day


$2 or $5

1 in 2,118,760

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Quebec Max Prize Table

There is a fixed jackpot of $2 million and there are no rollovers or roll downs in case it’s not won. In total, there are nine different prize tiers and the lowest prize is a free ticket for the next draw in case the winner matches three out of the seven numbers.

Quebec Max Prizes and Odds
Prize Level Prize Amount Odds of Winning
Match 7 $2,000,000 1 in 33,294,800
Match 6 + Bonus $100,000 1 in 4,756,400
Match 6 $1,000 1 in 113,248
Match 5 + Bonus $200 1 in 37,749
Match 5 $100 1 in 1,841
Match 4 + Bonus $20 1 in 1,105
Match 4 $10 1 in 83
Match 3 + Bonus $10 1 in 83
Match 3 Free Ticket 1 in 9
The overall Quebec Max odds are approx. 1 in 7